Urgent care

Urgent care

We will provide excellent services to support people’s health and wellbeing when they need them.

We want to provide patient-centred, high-quality urgent care services when required, which are delivered by the right team in the right place and the right time. We want to make efficient use of the community beds across the local population, virtual wards and other urgent care services to ensure that only those who need to be cared for in an acute hospital are admitted and also discharged in a timely manner.

Same day care

System partners are working together to review access to same day access as it can be quite confusing for people to know what to do or where to go. There are numerous entry points e.g. walk in centres, urgent treatment centres, acute illness clinics, A&E etc. and the aim is to simplify things for patients.

Work has begun to map all services, including those for district and borough and local authority services, so individuals can easily access the care they need easily and in a timely fashion.

Developing interdisciplinary teams

The Home First Team is one of the first interdisciplinary, multi-organisational teams for the Alliance.

The team are based within Accident and Emergency and assessment units. Their ethos is around a personalised holistic approach, addressing health needs and provision of robust support in the community, to avoid hospital admission.

The purpose of the Home First Team is to:

  • Promptly assess and provide support for patients required for safe discharge to their usual place of residence
  • Improve efficiency with teams working together
  • Ensure a robust follow up plan is in place to prevent re-admission by linking to community hubs, urgent community response, reablement and support services provided by the district and borough councils.